AP Psychology

ALL content in this syllabus is subject to change with notice. We must be flexible with change during this historic time. As AP students, I hold you to a higher standard, but I will be mindful that much of the future months ahead will be unknown.

APP 09/08 – 09/13

Tuesday 09/08– Be sure to access College Board (use your own personal email)

Zoom office hours are 10AM-2PM

*Suggested Reading for Quiz I- Pages 2 – 26

*Suggested Reading- Pages 38 – 44

Wednesday 09/09– Quiz 1 on CB, Review of materials previously assigned, The Big 3 Theories

Zoom Enrichment 10:30 – 10:55AM

*Suggested Reading for Quiz I- Pages 2 – 26

*Suggested Reading- Pages 38 – 44 & 60

Thursday 09/10-Study & Note taking on Psychology research methods and ethics

Zoom office hours are 10AM-2PM

*Suggested Reading- Pages 50 – 60

Friday 09/11– Research in Psychology, HW on Ethics, HW on Terms in Research

*Suggested Reading- Pages 50 – 60

Saturday & Sunday 09/12-09/13- Study & Notes on Research & Experimentation

*ALL Homework due Sunday at 11:59PM

*Suggested Weekend Reading – Pages 66 – 70

Major Deadlines Reminder:

-Must pay AP test fee by Sept. 11th

-Cornell Notes for unit due Sept. 30th

-Unit Test on Sept. 30th

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